We focus on performance opportunities that are community or stage-based rather than competition based. We have an annual summer recital in July as well as a Nutcracker performance in December. We also perform at other events around Orange County as we are asked or invited. Some past examples include The Kidz Block Party in Downtown Brea, The Taste of Brea, The Citrus Fair, the Orange County Fair and the Brea Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Our Mission is to build confidence and a lifelong love of dance and this is best accomplished in smaller class settings. All of our classes are limited in size to provide the best experience for our dancers and our teachers. Classes in our smallest room for younger dancers are limited to 8 dancers. In our larger rooms no more than 15 dancers can be enrolled. We strive for quality, individualized instruction rather than focusing on the quantity of dancers at our studio.

We absolutely do! Currently we are an approved vendor for Sage Oaks, iLead, Sky Mountain and Inspire.

Ballet dancers should wear a leotard and tights with their hair secured in a bun.

Hip hop dancers should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and sneakers, with their hair secured out of their face and off of their neck.

All other dancers should wear comfortable clothing such as leggings or tights with a leotard or shirt they can easily move in and hair secured off face and in a ponytail or bun.

If your dancer does not have shoes to try out a class, often times we have a pair they can borrow for the first class. Please call ahead to see if we may have your dancers’ size.

Yes, all of our classes are offered via Zoom and in person.

We strongly believe Academy 831 was created to be a blessing to our community. We deal with children and will proceed with extreme caution and in small numbers. Virtual dance remains a viable option and will continue to be offered for everyone.

New Procedures:
1. The lobby areas are temporarily closed. Only dancers and staff are allowed in the studio.
2. Class schedules have been adjusted to minimize the number of people at the studio at any given time. All classes in June will be 45 minutes to allow adequate time for physical classrooms to be wiped down with Lysol and Clorox between each class.
3. Masks will be required. Dancers must be wearing a mask to enter the facility. Temperature checks will be done at the door.
Please do not send your student to class if
1. they are not feeling well or had a fever in the last 14 days prior to class
2. anyone in their household has been ill in the last 14 days prior to class
3. anyone they have been in contact with has been ill in the last 14 days prior to class.
4. We will adhere to a strict drop and go policy for ALL dancers. Staff will meet your dancer at the front doors. Dancers should have their shoes and a labeled water bottle ONLY. No food or unnecessary items will be allowed into the building.
5. Dancers must arrive dressed and ready for dance. The restroom may not be used as a dressing area. Restrooms will be available for necessary use and hand washing for dancer & staff use only. Restroom will be wiped down after each use. Please consider using the restroom at home as want to do our best to limit space where there will be potential crossover between people.
6. Dancer spaces in the studios will be clearly marked with bright colored tape to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines. All dancers will use hand sanitizer (supplied by the studio) prior to entering class and as they leave class
. *Please let staff know if your child has an allergy to this product.
7. Garbage will be removed daily. Any personal items left behind in the studio or waiting area will be thrown away! There will be NO lost and found.
8. Dancers will be escorted to the front door by Staff at the end of class. It is very important that an adult be on time for pick up, as we will not be letting dancers leave to walk through parking lot.
9. Absolutely NO parents may be in the lobby. If, for any reason, a child is unable to complete class, we will call you and request pick up at the door. If you will need to be reached at an alternate number, please let staff know at time of drop off.
10. The studio will be cleaned every day before classes begins, in between classes and at the end of each day.
11. If you prefer your child to remain at home, all classes will remain accessible on Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Rising Stars
Six and Up


4:00-9:00 pm


4:00-8:00 pm


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3:30-7:30 pm