Academy 831 offers dedicated teachers committed to providing quality instruction with an emphasis on building confidence and a lifelong love of dance.

Dedicated Teachers

Each of our teachers have chosen to be a teacher first, which means they are committed to the development of their students and being in their classes on a regular basis. They are not currently performers or auditioning or travelling, they are dedicated to being in their classes to provide consistency for dancers to flourish.

Providing quality instruction

As a staff we have Class Objectives that we have developed for each class. While teaching styles will vary from teacher to teacher, there are clear objectives to be followed so there is no competition among teachers to get their class to be “better” than the next teachers. We all work together with the desire to provide a consistent experience from teacher to teacher and class to class. This helps to ensure a more positive experience for dancers and helps them know what to expect each class.

An emphasis on building confidence

Every dancer will learn and develop at their own pace. At Academy 831 we work hard to ensure that each child rises to their fullest potential. We love to see the giant smiles when they finally accomplish a step, master a challenging combination or simply decide today is the day they will try that step on their own! Our smaller class sizes allow more time for personalized instruction to ensure students are engaged and succeeding.

Building confidence is a critical component of our classes. One of the reasons we try to provide community performances for our dancers, rather than competitive experiences, is our belief that every experience in front of an audience helps to boost their confidence and will help them feel more confident one day with a presentation or working on a team project at school. We want our dancers to succeed in dance and in life!

A lifelong love of dance

This is the ultimate goal. We desire our students to have so much fun that they want to pass along the love of dance to their own children someday…or maybe continue to dance as an adult and keep a healthy, active lifestyle. We are very proud that we have some dancers who are children of dancers we had as children! Our sincere hope is that dancers find the magic in dance and connect with others in our dance family, learn to be team players and above all LOVE dance!

I called and researched multiple studios and went with Academy 831 because I loved how informative, helpful and friendly they were. The class did not disappoint the teacher worked with and encouraged everyone. My daughter can not wait for class each week.”

-Danielle L.

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